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One easy way to backup all of your posterous blogs

As anybody (and as the posterous creators stated), I don't want my data to be locked in an application, be it as smart as posterous currently is.As a consequence, I've decided it was time to ensure my posts (this one like all the others) would remains even if posterous collapsed (what I absolutely not want).For that, relying upon posterous API, I wrote a groovy script that will backup all my posts, photos, sounds, and videos on the computer I use.

Organized backup

This backup is quite simply organized :

One folder for each site.

In each folder, entries keep the file name they have in posterous, followed by a nice .xml extension.

Each media associated to an entry uses the entry name, followed by _#anumer, where the #number is the media number.

Notice I also do URI replacement in the entry, for backup media to be used instead of posterous ones.

As an example, my own backup contains the following


|   all-your-bases-are-belong-to-rest.xml

|   cant-wait-for-the-671.xml

|   knack-it.xml

|   netbeans-671-available-for-download.xml

|   rest-in-game.xml

|   serve-me-good-games.xml

|   whats-new-today.xml














Well, in fact, I only shows here an excerpt, since backup generates 205 files on my machine.

How to use

Here comes the hardest part : installing this backup script. There are two little prerequisites :

1. Install a recent Java (theorically, your machine should laready use a Java 5 or Java 6 compatible version, what you can check by issuing the java -version command in a shell) 2. Install a recent Groovy (which is just a little harder). 3. Download the posterous.groovy script (this is quite easier). You can put this script anywhere on your disk.

One all is downloaded, go in the script folder and

groovy posterous.groovy

should output the following

This is posterous export script v 0.1error: Missing required options: u, p, ousage: groovy posterous.groovy -u email@posterous -p password -ooutputFolder -h,--help provides full help and usage information -o,--output  An eventually existing output folder, where all data will be output. Beware, if some data exists in that folder, it may be overwritten. -p,--password  Unfortunatly one have to give its password to this little script -u,--username  Sets posterous mail address here
Notice that first run may show error messages, since grape download (the tool used by groovy to pull dependencies from the interweb) has some issues regarding used dependencies.

The result

So, as told before, this script generates a bunch of files on your machine.

Each of this file is an XML file containing all infos from posterous (in another format I plan to use to pull data from various websites).This format seems to me quite legible :

  <!-- posterous title-->





I thinkk this format will allow you to execute any complementary treatment, as nothing since to be lost from original (expect medias file sizes, which you can see in your OS).Additionnaly notice that only medias stored by posterous are downloaded, not Flickr images or Youtube videos.

The license

This script uses a creative commons license : paternity, share-alike, no commercial use.

Feed me back !

Any feed back you can send me will be greatly appreciated ! Don't hesitate to use comments below to mark your appreciation.